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Birth Doula

As a doula, I provide physical, emotional, and educational support to the birthing family. 

I attend births at many local hospitals and with most local midwives in the out-of-hospital setting. 

My doula package includes two prenatal appointments, unlimited texts, and my being on-call for you in the two weeks surrounding your due date. I also offer a Birth Boot Camp Reboot class or $100 off the BBC class of your choice. I will come to you when you are in labor and stay with you through the birthing process and for approximately 2 hours after the birth. I also come to you for a postpartum visit around 7-10 days after your baby is born. 

My doula fee is $1200, but I offer a discount to families birthing in a home or birth center setting. I also offer discounts to families who have taken a Birth Boot Camp class (with me) and to repeat clients.

Please never let my fees keep you from contacting me. I love to barter and offer many different payment plans and options.


Birth Boot Camp Classes

Birth Boot Camp is a comprehensive childbirth education course. 

What I believe BBC does best is give you all the tools needed to be able to make the best decisions for you and your family on this journey to parenthood. 

These are the classes I offer...

*Comprehensive Class (10wks)... $350

*Hospital Birth Class (6wks)...$250

*Homebirth/Birthcenter class (5wks)..$250 

*Homecoming: Life with A New Recruit (4hours)....$100

*Comfort Measures (4hours)...$100

*Reboot (Approx 4 hours, in-home)...$100

I offer group classes or a hybrid option at the prices listed above. Private, in-home, classes are also available for an additional fee. 

Message me for help figuring out which class is right for you!


Midwifery Assistant

I am now offering midwifery assistant services for families delivering with Taryn Goodwin of Spirited Birth Midwifery, Brandy Harris of Willow Birth Services and Yvonne Silbernagel of A Mother’s Love Midwifery. 

My midwifery assistant package includes me attending 5 prenatal appointments, providing hands-on assistance to the midwife during your labor, and one postpartum visit to your home.

If at all possible (based on my schedule) I will attend more visits. I love to get to know my clients so I can really get to know just what they are hoping for in their birthing experience and how best I can serve them in those goals. 

I also offer a discount to midwifery assistant clients who attend a Birth Boot Camp class with me, similar to what I offer my doula clients. The fee for my midwifery assistant package is $1000.


Other Services Coming Soon...

Update coming… someday, lol!


My Qualifications

DONA Birth Doula Training... March 2010

Birth Boot Camp Instructor training/certification... September 2012

Midwifery Assistant Certification workshop through the College of Traditional Midwifery... March/April 2022

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About Me

Hi! I am Amanda, and I am the owner of Ever-Altered Birth Services (formerly The Fruitful Doula)

My need for knowledge surrounding birth started after my second daughter was born in 2007. I had had 2 traumatic birth experiences in 2 years and thought, there has to be a better way to do this. In 2009, I became pregnant with our third daughter and began reading and watching everything I could find. I hired a doula for her birth and had an amazing birth experience with her. Less than a year after she was born, I trained as a doula. I worked as a doula for almost 2 years when in late 2011 I gave birth to our 4th daughter, at home. Less than a year after that, I trained as a Birth Boot Camp Instructor (BBCI) in September of 2012. In late 2014 I gave birth to our only son, again at home. I have worked as both a doula and BBCI, since my training, but did take time off to support my family through deployments, my own births, and schooling my small children. In 2017, I gave birth to our last child, in a planned hospital birth, by way of an emergency surgical delivery.

I am an open book when it comes to my birth stories. I love pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and all those moments of early parenting and would love to assist you on your journey.

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